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 Piwwop inside

Piwwop Group, a leader in Data Science and AI, boasts over two decades of expertise across global financial markets. 


They specialize in predictive modeling and data-driven optimizations for yield and resource management, also leading in digital security solutions.  


With a practical approach to problem-solving, Piwwop drives innovation, transcending traditional analytics and offering advanced applied mathematics expertise.

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It all started at Vivatech

At the Parisian tech show Viva technology 2023, Piwwop, faced with the daunting task of targeting the right prospects among 2600+ companies, innovated by developing an advanced in-house pipeline. This technology enabled the rapid analysis and scoring of each company, transforming a several-month task into a process of just a few days, making their prospecting extremely precise and efficient​​.

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Road to Vegas
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The journey of Byli began with an intensive five-month development phase aimed at transforming the MVP into a robust, industrial-scale solution.

This period of relentless effort and innovation led to Byli's first major milestone: first successful sales at the CES in Las Vegas. This early success showcased the potential of Byli's unique approach to revolutionizing networking and prospecting at major trade shows.

Settling in Montreal

Following this achievement, Byli was officially incorporated in Montreal, marking a significant leap forward.


Under the leadership of Emilien Bel, Byli secured a spot at La Base HEC Montreal incubator. This strategic move provided Byli with invaluable resources and mentorship, setting the stage for its growth and further establishing its presence in the Canadian tech startup ecosystem.

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Emilien Bel

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